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Steve Unfinished.

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    By sweet

    This short video was my first assignment in my English class last semester, using some type of media to tell a story. The story is about my cousin Steve. He and I have so much in common in regards to our past relationships, all have failed. I respect him so much because he has made full circle and took his time to heal, after his divorce( I respect the shit of outta him). We always have great convos in im, i dont know what i would do if i didnt have family like him in my life, btw he is a programmer. 

    "No relationship is perfect but when you find the right person that you want to grow old with think about what makes you happy when being with him. Treat them how you want to be treated. Lingering on past feelings brought on by past relationships like cheating or manipulative exs wont bring happiness in your current or future relationships. Its going to be a never ending cycle." -Steve Tomilloso. 

    I saw that when i logged back on, after our long filed day of random thoughts on ims, about our life experiences.  

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