Big Boy - Florence, KY

This all-new production features recent digital video shot entirely with a Traveler HD 10X Digital Video Camera.

This was recorded on Friday, November 18, 2011 while visiting friends in Florence, Kentucky:

Welcome to the Frisch's Big Boy, located at the junction of Route 18 and Turfway Road in Florence, KY. This is one of two Frisch's Big Boy restaurants located in Florence.

In this video, I capture a few scenes of the Big Boy statue visible to hundreds of motorists who travel up and down Turfway Road everyday. The mascot was first created in 1937 and has become a true American Icon of eateries. You'll see some detailed views of Big Boy in his classic red-and-white-checked overalls holding a Big Boy cheeseburger. You'll also see some of the nearly constant traffic which travels by this intersection everyday.

Learn more about Big Boy restaurants here:

The original music is performed by Kevin MacLeod and it is provided royalty free from

The raw video was converted and edited with Vegas 8. The converted video was stabilized with DynaPel SteadyHand. The credits were created with Windows Movie Maker.

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