Esoteric Thinking with Max the Cat

This all-new production features digital video scenes shot with a Traveler HD 10X Digital Video Camera

This was recorded on Tuesday, February 15, 2011 while visiting my sister in White House, TN:

Once again, we spend a few minutes with possibly the best documented cat on YouTube, Max the Cat. In this video you'll observe Max as he makes himself comfortable at my sister's home.

You'll watch as Max struts and slinks in a classic feline manner. Max strikes typical feline poses as he sits on the floor, stretches and walks around the room.

As expected, Max remains unimpressed with my efforts to record him for a starring role in yet another internet video.

The raw video was converted and edited with Vegas 8. The converted video was stabilized with DynaPel SteadyHand. The credits were created with Windows Movie Maker.

Thank you for viewing.

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