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Getting High is an Inalienable Right


    Getting High is an Inalienable Right

    Started by jager

    Getting high is an inalienable right. It is unfortunate that we've gone so far down the path to Statism that this fact is hidden under many layers of legal hypocrisy. It naturally follows from the simple principle of self ownership that you ought to be able to do whatever you want to do, to yourself. You can't commit a crime against yourself, that's almost nonsensical.


    Marijuana is cheap and widely available because it is a hardy plant that can grow wild all over the nation. Legislation does not make prohibited goods disappear, nor does the demand for them disappear when lawmakers say they are not permissible to use. Fines and imprisonment for what are essentially administrative violations is outrageous. Pot smokers as a class harm no-one but they are overrepresented in our nations swollen prison system - the largest in the world. The fact that the Land of the Free has more prisoners behind bars than any other country is depressing and disgusting. A prison-industrial complex has arisen on the back of this failed attempt to force people to stop hurting themselves. Prisons ought to be nearly empty in a free nation with equal opportunity before the law. People should not be afraid of the police in a lawful republic.


    It's sad that society has ceded the point that the State has the authority to regulate what you can put into your body. I wonder how long it will be before this precedent is used to argue that Government has the authority to force you to ingest things for your own good. Perhaps they already have. Inch by inch the state is weaving an ever more egregious web of laws around us. It is the thin end of the wedge. Once you have ceded the central point that only you should be able to decide what is best for you then everything else is just details. Government should guarantee liberty, not safety. Laws against raw milk and other foods violate the same principle. It's the principle our nation was founded upon: we are Free Individuals in the pursuit of Life, Liberty and Happiness.


    The Federal Government especially has no business intruding in such matters given the extremely limited duties it was created to perform. The Founders established a limited Republic, not a dictatorial police state. Our Government has lost its way. This state of affairs will continue until the people realize that meddling in the affairs of others is not the business of the State and send principled leaders to retake the reigns of the nation from the scoundrels and busybodies who have usurped it. Our Founding Fathers would be as appalled at the way we have aggressively warred with our neighbors around the world as they would be at the way we have aggressively imprisoned those whose only crime is pursuing happiness with property they had acquired.


    If only everyone would realize that the rights they possess necessarily extend to others. If only we could make everyone aware that Government can possess no right that we do not ourselves possess. We must change the way we think about what Government is. It derives its authority from the People, and its function is to provide for the common defense and secure the general welfare by protecting individuals from the violence of others. As we have no right to initiate violence or fraud against other citizens, so the Government has no right to initiate violence against citizens and it is only in response to violence or fraud that Government should act. The case of burning a flower and inhaling the fragrant smoke absolutely harms no-one and is illustrative of how far our nation has drifted from the principles of its founding.