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    As you can see there are a whole bunch of settings you can change to fit the GPSMAP 60Cx to your needs. I do not want to list the options you can change, you can guess about it on the icons. I just hooked up the theme of surface functionality GPSMAP 60Cx. There are many features such as waypoints and routes, of which I will discuss in the next section. My experience with the Garmin GPSmap 60Cx. 013 As always, I can not just leave work and go on vacation ... On the right is my travel kit, throw out the toothpaste, grab iPod, headphones, a fresh issue of the journal, and of course GPS. If you plan to use GPS on a plane, first ask the crew whether they can be used. Different companies have different rules about the use of GPS, some prohibit pozovatsya them when the plane in the air. 014 I had planned their vacation to Barbados to take a break from rainy and snowy winter. At the moment there are few maps of Barbados, in fact, it is not even on the base map that comes with the Garmin GPSMAP 60Cx. Although the disk Garmin MapSource BlueChart marine charts are in the region and as I was going to learn to SCUBA diving, I downloaded maps from the disk BlueChart. The base map was ideal to track my movements during the flight. I set a waypoint at the airport Grentli Adams. This allowed me to not check whether our plane strayed off course. A joke. 015 Fortunately we do not strayed off course, in addition, our pilot flew over the islands so we could see our hotel Hilton (which was supposed to stop) near the Zatoka Carlisle on the shores of the Caribbean, where I was going to dive. Sensitivity GPSMAP 60Cx was striking, surprising even for me! I kept the GPS receiver in the center of the cabin and could still receive the signal from 5 satellites. Usually, even with the receiver SiRFStar III GPS you need to keep close to the window. As I mentioned, you can download information into your GPSMAP 60Cx poschoschyu program with Garmin MapSource. It allows you to load maps, routes, waypoints, tracks. I pre-loaded map of Barbados' marine (BlueChart) and recorded a waypoint from the airport where we landed. 016 Now, on arrival, a map appeared with not a lot of valuable information, since there was virtually no streets. But I wrote down a point with the coordinates of the hotel and are now able to easily find their way to him. When do I get to the hotel by car, you just need to select a street leading in the direction pointed to by the GPS receiver. We have repeatedly swept through the city, especially for the one-way streets, but not to get lost with the navigator. Nepomnyu say that I GPSMAP 60Cx certified to IPX7. It is a prerequisite if you intend to use it for traveling on water. Seawater, GPS navigation is not particularly fond of, but I can say honestly that this waterproof navigator is really. Not only did I take it with you on an open boat at sea, some times it is simply dipped into the water with me. Then I wanted him to wash the salt water and dropped it in a bucket of fresh water. Not one drop of water does not enter the GPS navigator. I used the GPS as a device for recording the coordinates at the time of my diving. Many times we dived in Zatoka Carlisle and beyond, in the Caribbean Sea. In each place of diving I recorded a waypoint, so if I come back here next year I'll be able to visit those same places again. I made a screenshot of the program MapSource so you can see my journey. In addition to my holiday in Barbados, I used my GPS navigator as a system for navigating through the streets of Britain. From topographic maps, you can create routes with the instructions accompanying you from turn to turn. When you go astray again Navigator will calculate a route, of course it does not support voice commands, like other car navigators, but it clearly shows when to turn. If you want to download topographic map of England, you need more than 64MB of memory, microSD card to the one that comes only to fit the map, but I managed to get almost the entire south-eastern England. Frankly I do not even need such a big card details. You can download detailed maps of only those areas that you need, leave the rest as a base map. Conclusions: Garmin GPSMAP 60Cx is the best portable GPS receiver I have ever seen before. He is versatile and can be used for travel by car, by bicycle, foot or sea. This is a very solid GPS navigator, it has seen a lot while he was with me in Barbados. I took him to places where no one would take any of my PDA, or any other GPS receiver. This GPS navigator surprisingly sensitive. Magicians from Garmin have done everything possible to make it possible to combine a sensitive antenna and receiver SiRFStar III. If you are looking for a GPS navigator, it still unsurpassed by anyone. He accompanies me everywhere wherever I went. Pros Since ancient times, mankind has dreamed of the vehicle, which will tell the way. In support of that - fairy tales and myths, where the characters use the balls of thread to go through a dark forest, or throw rice grains to find a way out of the maze. The modern way of a pointer - GPS-navigator, which unmistakably indicate the shortest route to your destination. And that this assistant was always at hand, handset manufacturers are doing everything to your mobile phone has become more and guiding star.  At present, if desired, in the shops you can find a variety of GPS-navigators, but perhaps the most comfortable are the ones who are always at your fingertips - mobile GPS.        Are positioning  The first experiments were carried out mass deployment of GPS smartphones. It was enough to attach a GPS-module and install the necessary software, and smartphone features got GPS-navigator. That's just the process of connecting and configuring took a long time and has not proved particularly convenient. Soon found a way out: GPS-receiver has been integrated directly into the phone. Thanks to a tiny size, it does not take up much space, and navigation software pre-installed mobile device transformed into a fully functional GPS-navigator that is always at hand.  Now these modules are equipped with hi-end phone segment, and some mid-range model. Everything goes to the fact that soon every phone, along with the now familiar Bluetooth-GPRS-connection and an Internet connection, you will find a standard GPS-receiver. And if we have such a feature only comes into vogue, in Japan in 2008 the presence of GPS-module in the mobile phone has become the standard.  At the level of filling all of the hardware GPS-receivers are about the same - they only allow to determine the current coordinates. As these data will be used depends on the software.  The software plays a key role - that the program calculates the optimum route between the given points and the current coordinates and guides the user through it. For proper operation requires detailed maps, and in contrast to the specialized GPS-devices, the mobile phone with the cards, everything is more complicated. Maps and the program itself can be either on the phone, that is, in its internal memory or flash card. In the latter case to store maps of one country takes an average of 512 MB of free space. Another solution - on the phone are just a program, and the maps are stored on a remote server.  The first option is convenient because the user needs to download maps and software on the phone once, but have to manually update them.  The second option was made possible thanks to that phone, as they say, "always online", and maps and additional information stored on company servers. When using the phone sends the data and all calculations are made on the server. Result of the calculation - the information necessary for navigation, and then transferred to the phone, which is already working with them on their own. As the only spot on the map is downloaded, the requirements for affordable small place. The latest versions of software for the travel range of 100 km downloaded about 100 KB of data. This method is convenient because the card is always relevant, accurate route and the program takes up little space on your phone. But such programs require constant access to the Internet, and their performance depends on your connection speed and load requests are handled by the server. In addition, if the user is not exactly follow the instructions and Early Rada Elections Necessary to route, you may need to obtain new data.  These programs there are many - as free, allowing to process and display data received from the GPS, and paid, with a mass of additional features. Plus, phone manufacturers develop their own programs and online services and embed them into their phones. An example is the Nokia Maps - a complete package for data processing GPS, focused mainly on the pedestrians.        Taken into account when calculating the route public transportation. The graphics and detail of the cards is excellent. And even if the device screen size is not large, the information is read very well, but management is not satisfactory. But, as in most similar programs, with the convenience comes at a price.  Drive & Walk, that is, auto-pedestrian version of Nokia Maps, costs € 9 per month for the use of cards of the same European country. For additional information, for example, for data traffic on the road will have to pay more for € 4 per month.  GPS-software, typically used in automobiles, but also the development of pedestrian versions of these programs are in full swing. Indeed, to use a mobile GPS, driving machine, is somewhat problematic. Therefore, for the permanent use of GPS while driving is better to buy a dedicated GPS-navigator with a screen bigger.  GPS-phones designed to work in a "pedestrian mode". It is difficult to overestimate the advantages of such a device when you travel to another town or need to find some specific address.  Choosing Software for GPS Mobile phone spy  One of the best to date packages are GPS-TomTom Navigator, iGO My way, Garmin Mobile XT. All of them are paid, it will have to pay extra for additional maps and information. But it's worth it, because the maps are very detailed and include points of interest (points of interest), that is, sites, radar map, road signs, traffic information. Maps and associated services are constantly updated and improved the programs themselves.  For example, TomTom Navigator will cost € 100. Address search speed is average, but the route calculation pleasantly surprised by its speed. Maps are very simple graphically. During the movement, you can configure a warning when you exceed the speed limit. In addition, there is a radar map (free updates for 12 months, then € 30 per year). Warnings are issued in the form of an audio signal or as a display on the map Mobile spyware. Available as road signs and information about traffic jams, but only if you pay € 40 a year.