Easy git use with code.duuit.com

The scope of this document is strictly for editing a existing repository, if you are creating one, the instructions will be on the screen for you.

This is the simple instructions:

git clone - This basically tells your local git to go out an pull the files from the server.

Make your changes.

git commit - This commits your files to your LOCAL repository, not the one on the server.

git push - This “pushes” you committed changes up to the server.



To do anything you must have your ssh keys setup in code.duuit.com correctly for all accounts you want accessing from your username!

I will use the example project at feed-rudie on code.duuit.com, you can go to the url at http://code.duuit.com/p/feed-rudie/source/help/ and see how to get source, then actual sequence might look like this:

git clone git@code.duuit.com:feed-rudie.git

cd feed-rudie


*make change save and exit*

git commit -a

*enter change log message and save and exit*

git push origin master


Now you can just go here to check that your push resulted in a changelog entry



Your done! and now you have edited a project.

If say you wanted to add a file not present in the initial commit or delete a file you can use

git add filename (or wildcards)

git rm filename

Have fun!

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