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Hi :)

my computer is packed and stored with my friend in longmont, co. my rent and money run out thursday morning so i shall hitchhike to hutto, tx and stay at my sister's until july's ssdi check arrives [2nd or so], order basic camping gear and bus to pick up my bike. i'll take photos and get them online later. my adventure is beginning! [whether i think i'm ready or not] feel free to paste to jammin or put on my duuit or both. for now email and net only on phone, no phone svc. be safe and smoak moar!!! - dangergrrl

    • dangergrrl

      Yea! Duuit works on my phone!
      thanks bman :]

      • Benjamin H. Graham - bman
        Benjamin H. Graham - bman

        so glad, i spent alot of time writing you a interface and testing on the VM for your phone. :)

        Manor, Texas
        Benjamin H. Graham - bman

        Benjamin H. Graham - bman

        I like tacos and if you have them, send moar.

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