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State of Duuit!


I'm going to start off by apologizing for Febuary, i had wanted to test our codes ability to scale and allowed open logins throughout the month.  I know alot of you did not like this and the resulting problems either.  The problems were caused by a mix of things, first the load on the machine from the new users, secondly I was testing out security updates that caused many of the sites features to be unavailable, and thirdly I was away from a internet connection while visiting home and unable to solve the issues.


Well now I would like to report that thanks to things we learned that month there has been a major shift in how the site is going to exist.  In the past Duuit! had forked from the open source project Elgg and had included alot of our functionality into the core.  While this made integration possible with elgg core, this was not what was our original intent.  The elgg based part of this site was not intended to be the site itself.  Just the profile for the users of the site.  I also liked the privacy controls and extensively used their data storage model.  We ran a test version of Duuit! that was pure html5 and showed some improvements but our problems were much deeper.  Now Im announcing the shift and why things are getting better.  


First off if you notice your @duuit.com email address is no longer going to your Duuit! mailbox.  This is being replaced by our own web based email and imap/pop3 access for all users.  As this is very (alpha) at this moment, all you need to do is request access in the meantime.  Our xmpp system has moved to the new system as well and currently is not available for all users but just request it and you can try it out too.


These changes are due to us implementing ldap and pulling our core from elgg.  So the part of the site that does the profile is now running standard elgg 1.7 instead of our forked version.  This is a result of the descision to decentralize our core.  I have implemented alot of our changes to the forked versions as plugins for the core so you shouldnt be missing any functionality but some things may be disabled, if there is something you are missing please just let @bman know.


I hope you all enjoy using Duuit! but please remember that it is in constant development and sometimes that causes pitfalls like we had earlier this year but because of this we now have a much faster site, more stability and one piece of software is not likely to take down all functiionality now.  I want to thank Brett and Cash and the guys at Elgg for making a release that was much improved and allows us to merge back into their project.  As a result I intend to set up a SVN to upload all my sources for my modules that I added to make elgg = duuit again and to promote further development of those sources so that we keep growing and moving to more stable software and happy users. :)