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DIY (Do it yourself) Vaporizer

reposted from stonedworld on 24-08-2007 00:26

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Ever wanted to make a vaporizer to impress your friends?

Here's your chance!




First off I am a dumbass and you should not be, so take some sort of safety precautions. Cutting holes in bottle caps and cutting light bulbs is not something children should attempt. I would suggest a potholder to hold the light bulb and cutting on top of a cutting board. WARNING ONLY DO THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!


Now, your going to need 4 things





1 standard incadescent light bulb (burned out would be more economical and technically be recycling)


1 drinking straw


1 pocket knife


1 20oz/2liter coke cap


PART 1: preparing the bulb


Take the pocket knife and cut along the end of the threading of the light bulb on the bulb end, all the way around the socket on the light bulb.



pull this part that you cut out of the light bulb (may need a wiggle and the inner bulb WILL break), leaving a empty bulb.





CAVEAT: Some bulbs have a insulation layer thats like rock in between the inner and outer bulb, just digg this shit out with some small diggy tool or break bulb above this layer.










rinse out the bulb until no white powder residue is left




dry bulb


PART 2: preparing the cap





cut 2 holes in the coke cap with the pocket knife slightly smaller than the straw (only slightly for a tight fit)














Cut 4 inches off the straw and save


place long part of straw in the cap with about 4 inches on either side of the hole in the cap


place the short piece in the other cap hole equally on both sides.














place smoking material in bulb


screw cap on bulb


run lighter back and forth below weed until you just begin to see smoke, then inhale from the longer straw.



repeat as needed



NEVER KEEP THE FLAME ON THE BULB UNTIL IT FILLS WITH SMOKE, as soon as you see some smoke, the bulb is already filled with vaporized product that is going to waste if you dont hit it.


Now inhale, and enjoy and try to look like this guy on the left!




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