Duuit! was created in July 2009 as a better way to socialize and stay connected on the internet.


The contact administration:

Chris Yeager - jag  )_@_(  duuit.com

chat/irc, systems, servers

Ben "bman" Graham - bman  )_@_(  duuit.com

software, web, flash, sms, xmpp


Duuit! is not intended to be for public use until 2014, as such we are experimenting with different technologies to create a better moar feature rich internet experience.  One of our main tenants is that we control and host our data totally seperate from the current corporate controlled social sites while not sacrificing any of the abilities or features.  We try to find ways to make the best use of the hardware while not sacrificing the key abilities people are looking for in modern sites. 

Our infrastructure is a scalable xmpp based GNU/Linux backend running on the Debian version.  We utilize a mixture of apache2 and yaws webservers with mysql on the backend.  The site ties into multiple protocols and data interfaces, such as irc, xmpp, email, rss, opendd, oauth, and foaf. The features of this site are best used with Firefox 3+ or Chromium/Chrome.  All of the tools we use are completely open source or free and we would like to thank the following projects for their efforts:

Apache, MySQL, YAWS, eJabberd, Red5, php5, Debian, Firefox, Chromium, jQuery, Kaltura, Elgg, Status.Net, bash, perl, python, gnash, openx, piwik, gimp, and to the developers of open source/free software. 


If you need to reach us for any reason email admin at bman  )_@_(  duuit.com



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