XMPP Posting to Duuit!: Revision


Your Duuit! account is now tied to xmpp/jabber/gtalk instant messaging.

server: talk.duuit.com

username: <Your Duuit! username>@duuit.com

password: password is the same as the site login password

site bot: whatsup@duuit.com 

(add to your instant messenger contact list)

Functions currently allowed:

TheWire/Activity/Wall/Tweet/Dent/Duuin? status stream just preface your update with

"!post" no quotes. ex.  

  • post Im just waking up, needed a little more sleep

This would return:

You have posted: "Im just waking up, needed a little more sleep"


  • !blog "title" blog contents here

(title must be in ""'s to destinguish it from the contents)


  • !mail touser message to send

(touser should be the username you are mailing, everthing after it is the message)


  • !quote quoted text

(everything after quote is read as the quote ex "quote jager - im happy", would return "jager - im happy")

You can also now add a message to your wire here and have it distributed to twitter, identi.ca and any other laconica site.  Just add your account settings in your settings->tools settings.